12 Outdoor Kitchens That Will Get You Outside

12 Outdoor Kitchens That'll Get You Outside

[caption width="750" align="aligncenter"]Outdoor Kitchen Installation by Florida Coastal Contractors Outdoor Kitchen Installation by Florida Coastal Contractors[/caption]

Dreamy and downright drool-worthy, these outdoor kitchens are all the inspiration you need for a backyard reno.
While surfing through the internet looking for design inspiration we came across this great article that was originally posted on HGTV.com and wanted to share it with you. It was written by Allie Holcomb King who is is a contributing writer for HGTV.com.

Allie writes... When designing an outdoor space, personalization is key. This is especially true for outdoor kitchens. Design with your preferences and lifestyle in mind to get the most out of your space. If you’d rather just order pizza, don’t install an outdoor pizza oven. If you’re a grill-master, opt for the tricked-out grilling station. You’ll be much more likely to get outside and use your space if it speaks to your culinary tendencies.

I’ve rounded up some of our best outdoor kitchen designs for inspiration. Take a look, and see which ideas work for you.

Fire Pit

[caption width="750" align="aligncenter"]Paver Patio With Fire Pit Image Credit: Neil Podoll Photography[/caption]

A fire pit adds a cozy element to an outdoor kitchen, making the space a destination as daylight dwindles.

Outdoor Fireplace

[caption width="750" align="aligncenter"]Outdoor Fireplace John R. Wood Properties, a member of Luxury Portfolio International[/caption]

Similar to a fire pit, a outdoor fireplace lends a sense of comfort to an outdoor kitchen. Consider adding a fireplace if you’re aiming to bring the indoors out.

Pizza Oven

[caption width="750" align="aligncenter"]Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven Image Credit: Daniel Driensky[/caption]

If you enjoy making homemade pizzas, this one’s for you. If you’re totally down with delivery (no judgment here!), skip this one.


[caption width="750" align="aligncenter"]Outdoor Kitchen - Bar Image Credit: David Guettler Photography[/caption]

Do you plan on crafting more cocktails than meals? Make the bar the focus of your outdoor kitchen.

Tricked-Out Grilling Station

[caption width="750" align="aligncenter"]Outdoor Kitchen Appliances Image Credit: Lindross Remodeling[/caption]

Attention, grill-masters! This is your time to shine. The bells and whistles available for grilling stations are endless. Again, choose based on your tendencies and preferences.

Bar + Grill Combo

[caption width="750" align="aligncenter"]Outdoor Kitchen & Grill Combo Image Credit: Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers, a member of Luxury Portfolio International[/caption]

The bar and grill combination is perfect for entertaining. Barstool seating creates a casual hangout spot for family and friends.

Pool House + Kitchen Combo

[caption width="750" align="aligncenter"]Outdoor Kitchen and Pool House Image Credit: Steve Silverman Imaging[/caption]

Also ideal for entertaining, the pool house and outdoor kitchen combination creates a space where adults and kids can simultaneously gather.


[caption width="750" align="aligncenter"]Outdoor Kitchen and TV station Image Credit: HGTV.com[/caption]

Sports fanatics, meet top-of-the-line tailgating. Your friends will be begging to come over for the big game.

The View

[caption width="750" align="aligncenter"]Outdoor Kitchen With View Image Credit: James Haefner[/caption]

If your locale’s this lovely, let it do the talking. Design your outdoor kitchen to accentuate the view.


[caption width="750" align="aligncenter"]Outdoor Kitchen Under Custom Pergola Image Credit: Atlanta Deck and Fence[/caption]

Create shade with a beautiful pergola. A pergola also provides somewhere to mount light fixtures and fans.

Vent Hood

[caption width="750" align="aligncenter"]Outdoor Kitchen Stainless Steel Appliances Image Credit: Roger William Photography[/caption]

If your outdoor kitchen has a partial enclosure or roofed covering, it’s a good idea to install a hood to vent smoke and odors.

Dining Area

[caption width="750" align="aligncenter"]Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Area Image Credit: JWT Associates[/caption]

Carve out a dining space within your outdoor kitchen to make dining alfresco a breeze.

Paver Patios

[caption width="750" align="aligncenter"]Paver Patio Professionally Installed by Florida Coastal Contractors Paver Patio Professionally Installed by Florida Coastal Contractors[/caption]

This one was added by Florida Coastal Contractors. We just couldn't resist. Just thinking here... You would have to put all these fantastic ideas somewhere, right? Well contact our office at (904) 827-3962 to schedule a free consultation and quote appointment for your paver patio where our designers and installers can help you realize all these great ideas.

Florida Coastal Contractors Quality Work

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NOTE: This article (except for the last paragraph) was first curated from www.hgtv.com and can be read in its entirety here.

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