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How to Get Started on Landscape Redesign

How to Get Started on a Landscape Redesign Whether you are starting from scratch or are reimagining the outdoor space of somewhere you’ve lived for years, getting started on a landscape redesign can feel like a daunting task. The prep work that you do upfront — maybe even before you start contacting professionals — can streamline conversations and save time down the line. Nailing down your budget, how you’d like to use the space and what landscape styles appeal to you most can help keep a project on track and ensure that you’re happy with the end result. As a first step, read this guide and take a critical look around your yard. [caption width="500" align="alignnone"]Photo by Andrew Grossman - Landscape Design[/caption] Assess Your Existing Landscape What do you want to change? What do you want to keep? Distinguish the areas you’d like to reimagine, the ones you’d like to stay the same and anything that falls in between — spots that don’t need to be entirely