Cozy Home Deck Building Designs and Plans Ideas

Build and design a deck needs careful consideration, especially if the goal is to create a comfortable outdoor area to relax. Function similar to the patio deck, which provides outdoor area as extending from the house.

In contrast to the patio which is mostly composed of rocky material, the deck was built using wood, vinyl, natural stone to aluminum, each material has varying levels of endurance. On deck, you could add some sort of railing or fence, and also make a deck with tiered levels to give a stronger impression.

Cozy Home Deck Building Designs and Plans Ideas

Deck Position and location

Because the deck will be used as an area for relaxing outdoors, it is important to consider the right position and location of deck. You have to consider direction of the sunlight, and views . For example if your home is located on the beach, it is important to build a deck overlooking the sea.

Building a deck surrounded by trees

You live in countryside area or a forest where there are a lot of big trees? Then, you can use trees to cover deck, so you do not need to feel heat or glare of the sun while on deck at noon.

Determine the cornerstone for deck

For solid and strong deck, recommended the foundation or footer made of concrete. This footer amount can vary widely depending on the deck you want to build.

Select the type of wood that is strong, not easily weathered

Wood is the most significant material in deck construction. There are some people who choose wood that is still rough in order to get a more rustic appearance and natural. Even so, there are also more than happy utilizing wood that has undergone a process of manufacturing, for example, with pressure-treated. This makes the wood more resistant to termites and prevent weathering in a short time, sometimes given the finishing to create a more slippery surface, appears shiny and comfortable.

Choose a cozy deck furniture

You need to consider the suitability of furniture that will be placed on deck. Considering deck is designed as an area to relax, select a soft seat, the chair legs are short, which enables you to sit with a very relaxed position. Put the furniture overlooking where there are the most beautiful scenery, add a small table for tea or a snack.

The lighting

Especially for you who like to relax on deck at night, you may need additional features, such as lighting features on deck. Adjust the flame lighting with shade and not too light in order to create cozy quiet place to enjoy the evening, you can also put a decorative lighting at the floor corner are laid side by side with potted plants, add outdoor elements, such as artificial waterfalls, fish ponds, or fountain, where the sound of splashing water will create an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation on deck, check the ideas below.

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